KULTURBLOGGEN 12 dec 2012 Stockholm

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Rosemari Södergren Kulturbloggen

Artist: defiXions Album: defiXions Betyg 4/5
Release: 26 nov, 2012
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Imagine the meeting of punk and classical music, mixed with rock and a singer who off and on is a reminisence off Patti Smith, and in between has a strong opera voice. defiXions is a fantastically exciting project which is composed of Maya de Vesque and Anders Karlsmark. Now they finally have released their first album.

It is magical, grand and a successful and fascinating musical hybrid.

Anders Karlsmark is skilled on the guitar and when his deep voice meets Maya de Vesques´ trained opera voice, a formidable musical meeting occurs.

There are a few hardrock bands who mixes opera into their music, such as Nightwish, but then the hardrock is usually dominating. Here the opera and the classical music get considerably more room, as in my two favourite tracks, the introducing track "Piangero", and the concluding, tenth track "Ah! non credea".

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