defiXions is a music group/duo who creates their own compositions, a new wave rock with elements and arrangements of opera. defiXions are Maya de Vesque, (colorature soprano) and Anders Karlsmark, (guitar, voice etc).
defiXions mix these two genres to push rock music forward in a direction which is relatively unexplored. But how can two composers of opera, reform rock music and vice versa? "By composing phrases, parts and passages from arias, into rock music. Out of this, completely new pieces arise. It is an attempt to break new musical ground through fusions and inventions, styles, genres and ideas. To create atmospheres between the experimential and the traditional."
defiXions is two worlds that collide and the expression and the friction between them is the leading star. It is the play and the meeting between the raw expressive rock musician and the finely balanced classical singer.
A spirited picture of the undressed impotence, struggle and hope of humanity. Rock music is only a "child" compared to classical music.
An exchange of languages. English rock language meets different European languag
es depending on the feeling.
Texts from the repertory of opera and newly written material.
The performance is built on two conventional characters who in their acting symbolize the different music forms. defiXions seek something obviously, musically harmonious, not just in terms of the voice, without remaining only in rock music.
The release of the album will be in November 2012.
It is co-produced by Nille Perned and the cover is made by the artist Katarina Norling and the photographer Emma Karlsmark Elfstrand.

" I saw defiXions at the theatre Galeasen one evening in October 2011 and was mesmerized by their wilful performance. In the unusual mix of opera and rockn´roll, the boundless show presented beautiful singing, raw energy, surprising twists and simultaneously caused shivers of pleasure. defiXions succeeds in entertaining and challenging at the same time, and the result is true art."


Facts about the two musicians defiXions.
Maya de Vesque who is influenced by melodies and the musical language of the classical music, has appeared in numerous classical productions and has toured frequently with Orkester Chesty Morgan. Her acquaintance with opera started early thanks to her grandfather Harry Ebert, who was a rehearsalist at the opera and often arranged family concerts where he played and told stories from different operas. Harry Ebert had also earlier been the accompanying friend of Jussi Björling.
Anders Karlsmark has a thorough background in the energetic rock music and has made 15 albums and toured for more than 10 years. He formed the new wave band Commando M Pigg, which has been called “the best rock band of Sweden”, and Karlsmark is also an active producer and composer of music to both films and theatres.

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